Sealer came to China in 1995, making it one of the first  foreign diaper brand that explored the Chinese market. In the past 20 years, Sealer has introduced a wide range of reliable, well-designed products with reasonable price, including Happy Cottony, to answer your needs. Positive customers feedback after use has helped Sealer to build a strong brand.
2015 marked the 20th anniversary for Sealer in the Chinese market. Sealer launched its brand new diaper pants to bring its philosophy of “Happy Together” further.

Quality products which are imported with original packaging
Sealer diaper pants are 100% imported with original packaging. The pants are produced in overseas factories with the most advanced technologies and skin friendly raw materials from manufacturing country. All raw materials are PSA certified, meeting international quality standard.

SCA R&D support
We are backed by SCA’s R&D support in our commitment for quality products. SCA is a global leading hygiene company.


Sealer pants:
•(1)360°fit and stretchy waistband: provides snug fit while protecting the skin and giving babies’freedom to crawl and walk;
•(2)V shape narrow crotch design: provides perfect fit and ultra-comfort for baby’s hips and legs; effective protect leakage and prevent bow leg;
•(3)Underpants design: makes changes easier even when babies are moving;
•(4)Dryness and breathability: super-absorbent core keeps baby dry. Breathable back sheet keep wetness away, providing dryness and comfort to babies on the back.

Happy Cottony:
•Softer: softness improved; fits the baby’s body like feather, making it more comfortable;
•Thinner: 0.5 ultra-thin design; locks wetness away while staying slim, enabling babies to move with comfort and flexibility;
•Fitter: 360°stretchy waistband design that fits babies body better and prevents leakage;
•More skin friendly: use cotton on the inside and outside, making it more comfortable and protecting babies’ skin;
•More fun: brand new design with animal pattern on the back sheet. Adding fun and color.

Joyful Breathable:
•Non-woven cotton fabric: improve skin protection by 100%,;
•Softness up up up: improve softness by 100%, delivering better experience for babies and momies;
•Skin friendly 0.1: New Silky non-woven layer. Embossment free design to minimize friction and improve absorbency. The distance between the diaper and babies’skin is just 0.1cm.

  • China
  • Taiwan